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7 Reasons Why a Stretch Ceiling Is the Best Solution for Any Space

Typically, when considering ways to make a space more attractive, most of us look around—walls, windows, blinds, décor. We also look down—floors, floor coverings, furniture, and décor accessories. For a touch of creative genius, take the time to look up. In your home or place of business, there is an element that is underutilized. Your ceiling. An outdated ceiling can be the one flaw that is marring your perfect design. Fortunately, there is an easy solution. Installing a customized PVC stretch ceiling is an innovative way to transform your space into something truly special and extraordinary.

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What is a PVC stretch ceiling anyway? It is a material that is customizable, durable, allergen-free, and everything you need your ceiling to be. The professionals at AV Style can design a stretch ceiling that delivers on your goals for enhanced form and function. Then, in only a matter of a few hours, we can take care of your stretch ceiling installation for the flawless look you envision.

Still on the fence?

Here are some of the top reasons why we believe that a stretch ceiling is the best solution for any space:


  1. Fully customizable – Stretch ceilings come in a variety of textures, finishes, colours, and unique prints. This makes them ideal for any room and any style. From simple and elegant to vibrant and unique, this creative solution will make your vision come to life. Perfectly suited for a corporate board room, kids’ bedroom, formal dining room, restaurant/lounge, sports bar, medical office, and more. In fact, any residential or commercial space can go from drab to fab in a single stretch of your imagination!
  2. Fast and easy installation – The job only requires a single day and doesn’t involve messy materials to create a flawless surface. To do this, we prefabricate these high-quality PVC stretch ceilings in our warehouse and bring them to your home or workspace, ready for installation. This means no dust or debris and a quick, efficient installation process by our trained and experienced team. av style stretch ceiling installation
  3. Easily cover imperfections – They provide remarkable results in instances where the goal is to erase unsightly ceiling damage. In order to achieve this, your stretch ceiling expert can install any design you dream of over your current ceiling. You can look forward to a dramatic improvement to your space.
  4. Noise reduction – This material creates a pocket of air between the ceiling and the roof. In addition, the physical properties of the ceiling membrane create a barrier that absorbs sound waves and insulates the space against noise. You may also consider our acoustic stretch ceilings that provide even more soundproofing for noisier locations.
  5. Environmentally friendly – An eco-friendly option, the manufacturing process is less harmful to the environment. This is because it requires no water and emits no CFCs into the atmosphere. Stretch ceilings are also 100% recyclable, so your old ones will not go to the landfill.
  6. Waterproof – The PVC material is flexible and has the ability to expand and contain water. This means your space is not at risk from water damage caused by a leaking roof. It is also waterproof. So, once the pooling water is gone, the stretch ceiling will return to its original shape.
  7. Energy efficient – When our crew installs stretch ceilings, we suspend them beneath your roof or original ceiling, creating a small air gap that has insulating properties. This makes it easier to contain the air that allows you to heat and cool your space efficiently.

How a PVC Stretch Ceiling Can Elevate Form & Function

Cracked, dry, and peeling doesn’t sound appealing for a ceiling. Unfortunately, with traditional materials such as stucco, drywall, and popcorn—these issues can sometimes occur. Stretch ceilings to the rescue! With a simple installation, you can have a ceiling that will remain flawless indefinitely. Why settle for the ordinary when the extraordinary is within reach?

av style star sky stretch ceiling

A stretch ceiling can change a space from day to night almost literally. For instance, with a starry sky, you can have a night sky at any time. Are you looking for something contemporary for your business? Try a high-gloss option to create exceptional style and class. Do you need more ideas for your design board? Here are some design ideas to inspire a new look for your space. The beauty of this material is that the possibilities are limitless!

Trust AV Style’s Proven Expertise

You deserve a ceiling designed to your taste and is simple to install. Moreover, it can incorporate the latest and greatest in lighting, to be everything you’re looking for. AV Style brings this interior design wonder into Toronto to provide affordable, low-maintenance, and unique ceilings to homes and businesses throughout the region. From charming classics to unique custom printing, and anything in between, we can design and install a stretch ceiling that will exceed your expectations.


Interested in learning more about how a stretch ceiling can add value to your home or commercial space? Please call (647) 812-1275 to get in touch with our team. Or send us a message to book a free consultation.