AV Style is your local importer and installer of quality Clipso Fabric used in millions of homes and businesses around the world.

This company’s fabric is employed in malls, condo building lobbies, swimming pool areas, kitchens, dens, basements, bars, office buildings and more.

The primary uses of Clipso Fabric products is to create stretch ceilings and wall cover that are easy to remove, install and backlight. This allows us to produce amazing effects such as a backlit mural of a tropical waterfall or a highly detailed, absolutely believable starlit sky overhead.

This capacity of the material that allows it to integrate lighting with print elements in combination with its exceptional durability is what makes it truly unique.

Examples of clipso fabric uses

1. Backlit Ceilings
An example of great use for a backlit ceiling is when you have a room with low access to light and you wish to emulate a feeling of daylight in it. A basement kitchen or an office space would be great examples. Instead of using multiple fluorescent bulbs that irritate the eyes and look less than attractive, one sheet of stretch Clipso fabric overhead can be backlit in a manner that illuminates the entire space magnificently.

2. Starlit Ceilings
A subcategory of backlit ceiling. It can be combined with a printed mural to produce an amazing effect of a vivid sky that becomes sprinkled with stars when the other lights go out.

3. Wall Murals
Almost any room can benefit from a wall mural. The possibilities are endless. A seaside landscape, a dense forest glade, an autumn park, all of those can enter your home without a single paint can spilling. You choose your design, we print it, and then stretch it on a wall or ceiling of your choice. Best thing is, this mural can go with you when you decide to move.

4. Soundproofing
Clipso fabric can also be used to soundproof rooms or entire building sections. A perforated version of the thick fabric is stretched alongside walls at a certain distance. It serves to deflect, disperse and absorb sound in a way that lets nothing out but doesn’t muffle the sound quality inside.

Those are only a few of the examples how you can use this material. Get in touch to find out more about the options and get a quote on your own project or idea.

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