Have you ever gone to a mall or exhibit hall and wondered how they came up with incredibly cool ceilings? Chances are you’re looking at a stretch ceiling. These suspended creations have two components – a perimeter frame to hold a lightweight PVC membrane (some are fabric-based) and the membrane forming the ceiling. Acoustic stretch ceilings are a subset of this innovative construction alternative.

What is an Acoustic Stretch Ceiling?

In order to provide soundproofing or sound balancing, stretch ceilings are perforated with tiny holes approximately 0.3 mm in diameter. There could be millions of micro-perforations in a single ceiling. This design element allows the ceiling to absorb sound and prevents echoes in your home theatre or large living area.

Consider partnering with AV Style to install acoustic stretch ceilings in your home office, game room, entertainment area, or indoor swimming pool.

Why Consider an Acoustic Stretch Ceiling for Your Home

Here are just a few of the reasons your home can benefit from the beauty and functionality of acoustic stretch ceilings from AV Style:

  • Reduce Ambient Noise. Distracting background noise can prevent you from being productive at your home office. It can also mar gatherings in noisy entertainment areas, such as a home bar or basement. If your hallway is a cavernous echo chamber, you may benefit from installing acoustic stretch ceilings to absorb the sound and give you back your serenity. The perforated material absorbs sound vibrations and converts some of the sound waves to thermal energy. This reduces the sound intensity dramatically. It also makes it easier to hear voices and other sounds more clearly.
  • Increase Your Flexibility. Acoustic stretch ceilings support all types of light fixtures, and we can also affix them to walls. If you have irregular rooms, we can create arches, curves and waves to accommodate your aesthetic preference or the shape of the room.
  • Modern Look. An acoustic stretch ceiling uses cutting-edge technology to create exceptional sound quality. What’s even better is that it also creates a modern look by giving you a choice of prints and palettes to customize the ceilings in your living room, dining room, or whole home.
  • Durable and Enduring. Acoustic ceilings can last up to 20 years when properly cared for. During that time, they won’t crack, flake, or peel as painted ceilings do. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about removing stains or hiding wear and tear.

Choosing an Acoustic Ceiling from AV Style

Watch this video to find out how one of our customers reacted after we installed an acoustic ceiling at his business. You can rely on the skilled team at AV Style to install, maintain, and replace acoustic and other stretch ceilings in your home.

Restore peace to your home and make it easier to hear conversations in loud, echoing rooms, with beautiful acoustic ceilings.Contact AV Style today to learn more about these unique products or to schedule a consultation.

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