A backlit ceiling is one of the best solutions for a large space with low light access. Inner office areas with no or little window lighting, basements, dens and other areas of commercial or residential structures.

Backlit stretch ceilings have the capacity of transforming an otherwise ordinary room or structure into a magical space with a mesmerising custom light display. One that can’t be achieved with conventional means.

The LED lights are hidden above the backlit ceiling, which is made up of translucent and semi translucent areas, geometric or organic shapes, intricate designs or strips of light that gets gently diffused as it passes this membrane.

AV Style is an exclusive local dealer and installer of superior Clipso fabric and PVC ceiling materials. They come in all and any shapes and sizes that can be customized to the exact specifics of the intended space.

What’s more, in addition to having the ceiling allow intricate light patterns through, it can also be printed to have a unique design of starry skies or cloudy heavens, to enhance the already magical effect.

Here are a few examples of spaces where a backlit ceiling can be an asset.

  • Show rooms
  • Show homes
  • Retail Stores
  • Office Spaces
  • Reception areas
  • Lobbies of Hotels
  • Casinos and Restaurants
  • Malls and Retail Buildings
  • Conference Rooms

And this is just a few of the many places where this exquisite lighting solution can be perfect and create an amazing atmosphere and lasting impression.

Backlit fabrics are an asset during conventions and exhibitions, where they are used not as a ceiling but as a part of a display. A horizontally set up vertical print with strategically backlit areas is an asset for whatever you are there to sell or promote.

Naturally, this also means we can offer backlit feature walls where the PVC or fabric is set with a small gap between it and the physical wall where the LED lights will be placed.

There are many uses and ideas for a backlit ceiling, for which you can browse our gallery of works or contact us directly.

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