Light Up Your Stretch Ceiling with Backlit Ceiling Lights

What is Special About Backlit ceilings?

The backlit ceiling light is an often-ignored design element, but it is among the most important. Have you ever noticed how you feel in a space with natural light? For example, a good amount of natural light can make you feel at ease, peaceful, and provide a sense of luxury. On the other hand, harsh fluorescent lighting may make you feel stressed, on edge, and give you anxiety.

That is to say, light isn’t just a great design element but also an actual mood changer. If you have a low-light space in your home or no access to natural light, you’ll feel a difference when you add light into your space. This is why backlit ceilings are special; they easily create a beautifully lit area with the added flair of your favourite colour, artwork, or nature scenes. To learn more about the benefits of backlit ceilings and some design ideas to utilize light in the perfect way, continue reading.

How to Choose a Backlit Ceiling to Set the Right Mood for the Space

Having a space with inadequate light can make your home feel incomplete. The right light can set the tone of your home and provide your space with a peaceful ambiance. With a backlit stretch ceiling, you can have a space filled with light and a design that speaks to your tastes. In short, light is a great mood changer. It is a design element that is necessary to give your home dimension and can transform your space.

Backlit ceilings work best in areas with low light. These are basements, office spaces, or spaces in the home with no windows. However, you can install them in any area of the home and add brightness and style. What is important is that you select the right light to set the mood for your home. If you need help finding what ceiling light is right for you, read our recommendations below.

purple backlit ceiling

1. Your Favourite Colour

Firstly, light is an excellent design element that can help you transform your space. Secondly, with the proper ceiling lights, you can showcase your home and accent your lighting features to match your décor. One of the best ways to use light in your home is to have a specialist create a backlit stretch ceiling design that utilizes your favourite colour. You can incorporate any colour into your ceiling lights. For example, from purple for a neon look to white for a clean and modern look.

backlit nature scenes

2. Nature scenes

If you’re a nature lover, what better way to display that than with a nature scene in your home? A stretch ceiling light can be installed with any nature scene you desire. If you want the peace and tranquility of an underwater oasis, a stretch ceiling specialist can create a backlit, picturesque oc

ean scene. A cloudscape can be installed if you want your home to be a heavenly space to relax. If you enjoy traditional forest scenes, a canopy can be designed to give you the perfect amount of greenery in your space. Any nature scene that matches your style can be created and paired with the lighting colour of your choice to create an indoor retreat.

3. Illuminating Art

If you want to elevate your space, the best design concept is to incorporate art. With the addition of your favourite artwork, you can communicate your style and use it to tie your home together. To take this idea up a notch, a stretch ceiling with illuminated art can help you. Instead of having artwork hanging on the wall, you can have a unique ceiling design that showcases artwork you love.

You can create a modern mood with artwork such as the Mondrian art piece, Composition with Red, Blue, and Yellow. If you enjoy classic artwork, you can have a backlit ceiling with a starry night installed to create a whimsical space. Above all, the beauty of stretch ceilings is that they are easily interchangeable if your design goals and style preferences change. You can have any artwork or even your own design incorporated into a stretch ceiling.

To set the mood in your home to match your design ideas, consider a backlit ceiling with the help of AV Style. We can create and install a backlit ceiling design that boosts your mood and displays your unique tastes.

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