At AV Style, we often have customers ask how they can incorporate lighting into their PVC or fabric stretch ceilings. Our installers use optic fibers or LEDs to create a variety of effects. For a look at some of our finished projects, feel free to browse our integrated lighting video. If you are stuck for ideas on how to implement this look in your home, office, showroom, or lobby, our friendly, creative staff can walk you through the huge selection of designs available.

Stretch Fabric or PVC?

You can incorporate integrated lighting into a variety of configurations. Choose from stretch fabric or PVC as the foundation for your ceiling. We can integrate LEDs or optic fibres to get just the right effect to make the stars shine in a starry skies ceiling. Alternatively, our team can create shining lamplights in a nightscape-themed wall mural.

Here are a few differences between using fabric or PVC with integrated lighting:

  • Stretch fabric ceilings respond well when cut to make a round opening for recessed lighting. They don’t typically rip or tear. This makes it easier to install around vents and other obstacles.
  • Because PVC is more rigid, installers use a plastic guard to ensure that any holes they cut don’t result in unintentional damage to the ceiling.
  • Although stretch fabric is somewhat easier to work with, both these materials serve well when it comes to showcasing your new ceiling and light design.

What Kind of Lighting Works Well with Stretch Ceilings?

There are numerous ways to enhance your stretch ceiling with integrated lighting. It all depends on the effect you’re going for. Some of the installations we have completed in the past have incorporated the following integrated and other lighting:

  • Recess lights such as pot lights
  • Pendant lights and chandeliers
  • Starry sky ceiling complete with shooting stars and comets
  • Perimeter lighting
  • Backlit ceilings and walls, which really deserve their own category

Contact AV Style today for more bright ideas on how to incorporate integrated lighting into your stretch ceiling design. Let our team brighten your home or business space for maximum effect!