AV Style is here to bring you a new way of creating mesmerising starry sky ceilings.

No more glow patches you can’t turn off for the night. No more complex LED or fiber optic systems with tons of wiring you don’t know how to conceal and which end up looking bad in daylight.

The newest and best solution for an indoor starry sky is the Clipso fabric, a monolithic ceiling with concealed lights that shine through the fabric where it’s translucent. This creates a perfect effect resembling a starry sky in a way that looks almost like an HD photograph.

The big benefit of using stretch star ceilings is that the lighting elements are concealed behind the fabric. Other methods employ tiny light sources, where each has to be wired and they don’t look like much during daytime, to say the least.

This method is based on the stretch fabric or PVC and can look like anything you like during the day until you flick the switch. It can be a plain white sheet that looks just like an ordinary ceiling, or it can have a print that displays anything from a cloudy sky to a replication of church ceiling murals that turn into a starry sky only after dark.

Starry sky ceiling & its amazing usages

  1. Inner restaurant or hotel corridors between building areas where you’d like to create a soothing, romantic atmosphere without too much light.
  2. Spa salons and massage rooms where a relaxing atmosphere is of utmost importance and the feeling of being outdoors while inside can be valuable to achieve this effect.
  3. Kid’s rooms and play rooms, where a feeling of safety indoors can only be enhanced by the feeling of wonder created by a starry sky overhead.
  4. Home cinemas and basement lounges, where a smooth, soft starlit sky overhead is the perfect accompaniment for a pleasant pastime with friends or loved ones.
  5. Over an enclosed swimming pool which you wish to cover from rain while keeping the sky above shining on you. A Clipso stretch fabric sheet with lighting will do just that.

There are many more uses for a star ceiling, of course.

Those were just 5 of the most common examples.

Want to know more or get an estimate for your own idea or project? Get in touch and we’ll make your wish come true. With AV Style, the sky is the limit.

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