Bring a Starry Sky to Your Kids’ Bedroom with AV Style

The Magic of the Starry Sky Stretch Ceiling

Children go through phases of what intrigues them. A love of dinosaurs, pirates, or mythology are a few of the popular interests a child might enjoy. But the desire to explore the final frontier takes first place. Something about a star-filled sky brings out wonder and awe at any age. If your child loves space but the option to go stargazing isn’t readily available, why not bring the outside in? A starry sky inside your home can be used in a variety of ways to create a safe space to play and dream. With a starry sky stretch ceiling in your child’s bedroom, the decoration possibilities are endless. To create a sky full of stars in your child’s bedroom, read on to learn more about our Clipso fabric stretch ceiling below.

Clipso Fabric: The Safest Solution for a Starry Sky Ceiling in Your Kids’ Bedroom

The magic of the night sky can be recreated in your child’s bedroom with a Clipso fabric stretch ceiling. This fabric is a ceiling solution that offers many benefits. It is not only ideal for backlit lighting integration, but it is durable, interchangeable, and 5 times more resistant than PVC. Clipso fabric is a great ceiling solution for starry ceilings because of its stability with backlit lighting. It is also perfect for a starry ceiling because it is microporous, allowing stretch ceiling specialists to install fiber optics with ease. Installing a stretch ceiling of a starry night sky is a design option that has multiple possibilities. If you’re looking to install a stretch ceiling in Canada and want to learn more about design ideas you can apply utilizing a starry sky, read on.

#1. Astronaut’s Universe

With the help of a stretch ceiling specialist, you can create the space of your child’s dreams. If your child loves stargazing, you can give them their very own view of the milky way. You can create a spaceship-themed room complete with space décors such as rocket ships, moon and star furnishings, and solar system bedding. The starry ceiling be a focal point with a starlit sky in your child’s favourite colour. Clipso fabric professionals can create a portal to another world, spiral galaxies, or colourful nebula to help accent your little astronauts’ space station.

#2. Outdoor Oasis

If your child loves the great outdoors, you can bring the outside into their bedroom. You can incorporate a starry ceiling design that mimics the night sky. You can create an outdoor oasis that keeps your child safe and sound indoors. A great way to do this is by using turf carpeting or building a tent or teepee in their room, complete with different camping gear such as sleeping bags, a plush campfire, lanterns, and fake foliage to give the appearance of a campsite. A star ceiling for your child’s bedroom would be the last piece needed to make your camping oasis look real.

#3. A Magical Land

Glow-in-the-dark stars are a thing of the past with starry stretch ceilings. A professional can create a one-of-a-kind starry ceiling and help you make a whimsical room fit for your child’s imagination. Your child can have their very own magical escape in their room to play pretend. You can design an inviting forest with trees and woodland plush toys. If your child wants to feel like royalty, you can design a magical palace with a castle bed or a canopy using the starry ceiling as your skylight. If your child enjoys flying and wants to be a pilot, they can have a plane bed for a flight among the stars that will bring the bedroom to new heights. The beauty of Clipso fabric is that it is easily interchangeable to fit your child’s bedroom designs.

If you want to bring the night sky into your child’s room, AV Style is equipped with the knowledge and experience to help you. We can install a ceiling that shines bright and brings a twinkle to your child’s eyes.

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