Does your older home still sport popcorn ceilings from the 1970s? Do you wish there was a way to quickly cover exposed pipes and wiring in the basement without an expensive remodel? While drywall has been the material of choice for decades, today it’s not your only option. Forget about suspended tiles to cover unsightly ductwork, conduits, and stained ceilings. Bring your home into the 21st century with elegant stretch ceilings and walls that become the focal point of your kitchen, living room, and bedroom!

Our founders started AV Style because they wanted to give customers an alternative to traditional wall and ceiling solutions. By listening to what customers had to say and brainstorming products available on the market, we discovered stretch ceilings. Our high gloss walls and ceilings create a glamorous, modern look with many benefits:

  • Reflective ceilings and walls brighten darker rooms with little natural light.
  • Mirror-like sheen visually expands and heightens each room.
  • It instantly modernizes dated interior spaces.
  • Stay-fast colour doesn’t fade as paint does.
  • The durable material resists cracking and peeling.

What Is a Stretch Ceiling? – Here’s a Quick Overview

It can take days for workmen to install drywall and finish a wall or ceiling. Stretch ceilings and walls take just a few hours to complete. Best of all, stretch ceilings and walls hide old stucco, imperfections, exposed duct work, pipes, wiring and other undesirable elements.

To give you high gloss walls and ceilings, we install two simple elements:

  • A track around the perimeter walls a few inches below the ceiling or from the wall surface
  • A PVC-based film that snaps into the track, forming a flat, flawless ceiling or wall

Choosing High Gloss Walls and Ceilings

You can choose from a number of textures including high gloss, matte, satin, or metallic. Each of these choices has their own purposes and advantages. Choosing high gloss walls and ceilings opens up your home’s interior, creating the illusion of space. When combined with the right lighting scheme, such as backlighting or recessed lighting, you can create a luminous but relaxing ambiance.

Watch this video to hear how a high gloss stretch ceiling transformed one family’s home.

Polyvinyl chloride or PVC stretch ceilings are inspected by a CNC machine as part of the manufacturer’s quality control. Contact AV Style today to find out how this product can transform your home.

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