High-Gloss PVC Stretch Ceiling for a Lounge

What is PVC Stretch Ceiling and How It Impacted the Space of “Mild Afro” Lounge

The roof above is essential to your building’s structure, and it often serves as the ‘crowning glory’ of your home or commercial space. Similarly, on the inside, you want a ceiling that goes beyond pure function to deliver significant aesthetic appeal. PVC stretch ceiling design allows for a classy interior, a spacious look, and easy maintenance. Incorporating a backlit ceiling design, you can take your space from drab to fab! That’s exactly what our team at AV Style did for the Mild Afro Lounge in Toronto. We installed a black, high-gloss stretch ceiling with smart LED lights. When customers come in to experience the vibe, they look up to the ceiling and fall in love with the place immediately!

Watch the video above from our happy customer at Mild Afro Lounge. The manager was all praised for the seamless process from design to installation and the professional approach of the AV Style team. We are delighted that they recommend us so highly to anyone looking for stretch ceilings!

Why High-Gloss PVC Stretch Ceilings are Perfect for Spaces with Low Ceilings

Does your space seem cramped and dark because of low ceilings? Do you want to make it feel grand and luxurious? High gloss stretch ceilings can make your design dreams come true. PVC stretch ceiling design allows you to create the illusion of more space. The reflective material coupled with smart LED lights will make your space appear bigger and brighter. A low ceiling was one of the challenges that Mild Afro Lounge faced, and the PVC stretch ceiling installed by AV Style turned out to be the perfect solution. The lounge looks far more spacious and the LED lights synced with the music take the vibe to a whole new level of chic.

What are some of the top reasons to consider PVC ceiling design for your space?

  • Hide your mess – A high gloss stretch ceiling can easily hide unsightly materials, wires, and integrated lighting.
  • Let there be light – The mirror-like material creates light with its reflective surface and brightens up your space. High gloss stretch ceiling
  • Add a little elegance – With the increase in height, it adds a stylish and luxurious look to your home.
  • Update your space – PVC ceiling design is an excellent way to provide your home with a contemporary update.
  • Smart LED light options – Stretch ceilings allow professionals to integrate interactive lighting with ease.
  • Show off your style – A stretch ceiling specialist can create a PVC ceiling with your own design ideas to truly reflect your style. With the black, high gloss stretch ceiling that we installed at Mild Afro Lounge, our customer was very happy that we matched their theme and ambiance perfectly! Patrons sit down at their tables, look up to the ceiling, and don’t want to leave!

How Interactive Smart LED Lights Can Deliver a Space Makeover

Interactive Led Lights AV Style Lounge

The magic of PVC stretch ceilings is their ability to transform a space with very little effort. These versatile ceiling designs are innovations that can enhance your space and create décor that is uniquely you. Introducing interactive smart LED lights can offer a backlit ceiling design that matches your personal style and elevates your home’s vibe. Your lighting can also match your mood preferences. With the tap of your smartphone, you can have a romantic amber glow for a dinner set for two. If you want to throw a party, you can set your smart LED light to party mode and dance the night away. At the Mild Afro Lounge, patrons love the ambiance and the vibe created by the LED lights synced with the music beats. Party-goers are able to hear, see and feel the music—it is an extraordinary experience, made possible by the gorgeous and functional ceiling!

Are you curious about how interactive LED lights can transform your space? Continue reading.

  • A versatile style – You can show off your ever-changing style with LED lights that are sleek and timeless in your backlit ceiling design.
  • Highlight your décor – These lighting systems are great for highlighting your eye for art and creating focal areas within your space.
  • Get ready to party – Interactive LED lights pair well with backlit stretch ceilings to bring the party vibe. You can even sync them with your music to make for a truly entertaining get-together.
  • Set the scene – You can help set the scene for relaxation or a boost in energy with the perfect lighting to match your desired ambiance.
  • Match your mood – If you’re set for bed, let your smart LED lights reflect your mood and help you unwind. You can wake up with soft, slowly brightening light in the morning. Time for romance? There’s a light setting for that too!


Just like high gloss stretch ceilings, smart LED lights also help deliver stunning space makeovers. The combination of both brings out the best in your home or commercial space. Need some inspiration? We are happy to discuss your ideas and will gladly show you examples of our work. Our customer at Mild Afro Lounge loves his PVC ceiling design and will be glad to welcome you!


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