Stretch Ceiling Flood: A Guide to Your Next Steps

Stretch Ceiling Flood: A Guide to Action Steps

Without a warning, a stretch ceiling flood can happen at any time. A leak can start from the apartment or condo of your neighbours living above, causing your ceiling to collect water. You can also experience ceiling flood damage from leaky pipes, severe weather, or overflowing toilets.

A regular ceiling cannot handle excess water and will be subject to staining, water damage, mold, and in severe cases, a complete collapse. If you have a stretch ceiling, you’re more fortunate than most in a situation such as this. Due to the waterproof material of the PVC membrane, you don’t have to worry about severe issues from water damage unless your stretch ceiling is punctured. However, seeing a large balloon of water overhead can be alarming. So, how do you fix a stretch ceiling flood? Read our guide to learn more.

The First Step in the Fight Against Stretch Ceiling Flood: Contact Professionals!

Stretch Ceiling Flood Contact AV Style Professionals

A stretch ceiling filled with water from a leak is a precarious sight. It can look heavy and swollen, and your first instinct may be to try and fix the leak yourself. Resist the temptation and contact a professional instead! Based on the type of residence, there are different methods to remedy your flood situation. For example, if you live in a condominium and you experience a ceiling flood, you need to alert your building superintendent immediately about the leak. They will require you to shut off the water supply and contact plumbers to attend to your water damage remediation. If you live in a house, you need to call a plumber to turn off the water, fix the leak, and begin the process of ceiling flood remediation. Once your home is cleared of excess moisture, your next step is to contact your stretch ceiling company to repair any damage and professionally reinstall your stretch ceiling.

What to Do if Your Stretch Ceiling Flood Can’t Wait for Professionals

Flooding emergencies can be damaging circumstances that require immediate attention. If you feel that your stretch ceiling flood is an emergency, your best option is to contact water damage removal and restoration professionals right away. In case a flood damage remediation company isn’t available for emergency services, there are ways you can drain the water on your own. But this is only advised as the most immediate action until professionals arrive on the scene. Keep reading for some tips on how to get started.


Stretch Ceiling Flood Bubbled Area
Stretch Ceiling Flood Bubbled Area
  • Try to locate the source of the leak. You may notice a bubbled area or staining.
  • Find your light mounting ring on your ceiling. This is the ideal place to drain water from a stretch ceiling.
  • Turn off electricity in that area and remove any valuables you want to save from water damage.
  • Use water reservoirs such as buckets or bins to collect water from the ceiling flood.
  • Make sure you have two people for the job; one to fill containers and the other to empty and replace them as needed.


  • If your stretch ceiling balloons with water, do not pierce the bubble.
  • Do not push the water out all at once. Use a hose to move the water into containers.
  • Do not attempt repairs on your own. Contact a professional PVC stretch ceiling company.

A flooded ceiling is a serious issue and can cause structural damage to your home. AV Style is a leading stretch ceiling company in Canada with 18 years of experience removing and repairing water damage from ceilings. For your peace of mind, we make the process simple, quick, and mess-free.

Please call us at (647) 812-1275 for information if you have a stretch ceiling flood or send us a message to consult our team for your ceiling repair and reinstallation.