Stretch ceilings add a perfectly smooth surface that will have you craning your neck to admire. These chic ceilings come in numerous finishes, including matte, high gloss, metallic, and printed styles. Matte finish brings the following unique qualities to your home:

  • Non-reflective surface reduces glare, providing a soothing, inviting ambience.
  • Combines modern and traditional elements for a high-tech decorated plaster feel.
  • Unlike paint, this durable material resists cracking and damage.
  • Long-lasting colour never requires a touch up.
  • Suitable for formal living areas.

The technicians at AV Style can install elegant matte stretch ceilings to upgrade your kitchen, living room, bedroom or basement.

A Stretch Ceiling is Safe and Durable

If you don’t yet know anyone who has installed this wonderful trend in their home, you may wonder about the safety and durability of stretch ceilings. The following features should ease your mind about the longevity and protective qualities of PVC stretch ceilings:

  • Fire-resistant
  • Water-resistant
  • Anti-microbial
  • Hypoallergenic (They don’t produce dust!)
  • They won’t flake, stain, peel, or crack
  • Mold or mildew-resistant

So, are you ready to enhance your home with a matte stretch ceiling? These ceilings install in two simple steps. We put in the tracks that hold the ceiling, then we snap the stretch ceiling into place for a perfectly even surface.

Choosing a Matte Stretch Ceiling

If you want to keep the traditional aesthetic of your current design, you may opt for a matte finish that won’t clash with your furnishings and flooring. Neutral shades of white and soft gray create a soothing environment. Pastel shades add a novel touch without being overbearing. We can also customize your ceiling to match your unique style. So, defy tradition and update your entire home with matte stretch ceilings.

Watch this video to learn more about the unique features of matte stretch ceilings by AV style. We handle all aspects of stretch ceilings. So, you can rely on our professionals from the first consultation through the installation of your stretch wall or ceiling coverings. We also perform maintenance to keep your ceiling looking like new for many years to come.

Polyvinyl chloride or PVC stretch ceilings are meticulously inspected before we bring them to your home for installation. Contact AV Style today to schedule a consultation today!