Soundproofing often involves a great deal of hassle and can cost a lot too.

Most soundproofing methods involve the direct application of panels, pads, sheets and other materials to the walls of a room or space that needs to be soundproofed.

If we’re talking about a large space however, such as a restaurant or concert hall, this implies a great deal of wall space and therefore a great deal more hassle and astronomical costs. This is not to mention that the walls of the space are blocked in the process and decorating them is made near impossible.

Alternative soundproofing materials

There is an alternative to those outdated methods of soundproofing. One that makes them utterly obsolete and gives you all of the advantages of a soundproofed space with none of the disadvantages. Moreover, this material is easy to install and easier to take down in large rolls that can later be sold or reused with ease in a different space and configuration.

It gets better though, this is not all.

The alternative soundproofing material we are talking about is perfect for the application of murals, can be backlit to achieve amazing lighting effects, and doesn’t require a drop of glue to hold it to the walls.

Stretch fabric soundproofing materials

As you may have guessed by now, we are talking about stretch fabric soundproofing.

The stretch fabrics we use for soundproofing are top grade Clipso fabrics or PVC canvasses that can provide superior sound protection with none of the usual problems that come with it.

The way they work is by filtering, dispersing and absorbing sound due to their perforated nature. They can be stretched at a distance from the walls, creating and additional sound buffer zone and allowing perfect access to the wall where you need to reach an electrical outlet or even store items behind it.

It is perfect for large venues where the soundproofing wall can be printed with a beautiful mural including your branding and logo, as well as backlit to create a mesmerising atmosphere inside.

Our services are in high and rising demand by commercial and residential clients alike, proving the excellency of our product and our superior delivery.

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