Have you ever been to a museum with beautiful works of art or visited a Las Vegas casino with a gorgeous painted ceiling? You can get the same effect at your home or business with printed stretch ceilings that hide imperfections, last for decades, and enhance the beauty of your property. Transfer a photograph or your own original work to the surface of a beautiful, printed ceiling.

The founders of AV Style wanted to give clients a better option than traditional drywall ceilings and walls. For over a decade, we have helped hundreds of clients find the right stretch ceiling solution for their project. So, what are the advantages of printed stretch ceilings and walls?

Advantages of Printed Stretch Ceilings

Custom printed ceilings allow you to leave an indelible impression on customers and guests. Here are some of the advantages of choosing them over drywall and other traditional options:

  • Printed stretch fabric installs easily in public or private spaces. It’s mold resistant and suitable for damp environments, such as saunas, basements or bathrooms. It also makes a great solution for a feature wall in your remodeled living room or showroom.
  • Low Maintenance. Although AV Style can take care of all your stretch ceiling maintenance needs, you may find that you won’t have to call us very often.
  • Like high gloss or matte finishes, printed ceilings can last for decades.
  • Environmentally friendly. Your printed ceiling will consist of non-toxic ink of the highest quality. It’s safe for use in any space, from the boardroom to your kids’ nursery.

We have a huge catalog of images to select from. But you can also work with our team to customize your ceiling to meet your goals.

Watch this video for an example of how printed ceilings create instant ambiance in any space.

How Are Printed Ceilings Made?

Manufacturers apply digital images to the ceiling material using a custom UV printer and durable ink. The end result is a gorgeous true colour or graphic image that maintains saturation and brilliance for years. You can achieve colour matching and image clarity, thanks to the latest technology.

Do you need help choosing an image that meshes with your interior design, furnishings, lights, and style? We are happy to help you narrow down your options and discuss how your top picks would affect the look and feel of your business or home.

Printing Ceilings by AV Style

Transform your home or place of business into a functional work of art with printed stretch ceilings and walls. Contact AV Style today to schedule an appointment and learn more about this artful solution to stained ceilings, exposed ductwork, and other challenges.

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