Benefits of Printed Wall Coverings

Explore the unlimited stylistic benefits of the new alternative to wall and ceiling finishes.

Are you bored of basic finishes such as drywall, stucco, and popcorn ceilings? Printed wall coverings are a chic and innovative way to revamp your old spaces and add uniqueness to your residential or commercial space needs.

Entirely customizable from the design to the material and integrated lighting, printed wall coverings are aesthetically pleasing and created to suit your imagination and style. The best part? No space is excluded! Printed wall coverings can all rooms regardless of their function.

Residential Spaces

Kitchen & Living Room

Your living room and kitchen are a shared space for both relaxing and entertaining friends and family. Common rooms in your home, essentially they’re always presented to guests and reflect your personal style. Similarly, Why not adorn your living room and kitchen with printed wall coverings to fully transform it?

Whether you’re seeking a wooden cottage vibe with printed wood-paneled walls, or a modern feel with glossy red walls to pack a punch, the choices are limited only to your imagination. Impress your guests with a stylistic room with printed wall coverings!


Your bedroom is not only your personal place but your sanctuary as well. Transport yourself to your happy place by customizing your bedroom with printed wall coverings to set the tone for your private space.

There are a variety of different colours, materials, and patterns to complement your style and taste. Whether you want to incorporate your favourite colour, or a texture you’re most fond of, the customization process is simple as the style is completely up to you. From relaxing prints to bright, eccentric ones to reflect your personality, a printed wall covering is just what you need to make your master bedroom feel like home.


A well-designed bathroom is good for both residents and guests of the home. Put added flare into your washroom with elements like faux brick printed wall coverings or raised geometric shapes to be the focal design feature in your bathroom. That way, every room in your home flows flawlessly into the other.

Commercial Spaces

Restaurant, Cafeterias & Dining Spaces

Do you want your dining guests to feel at home in a chic setting that reflects your personal brand and motto? From fine dining restaurants and mall cafeterias to banquet hall rooms, adorn your diners with both comfort and style with a printed wall covering.

By setting the mood with a printed wall covering, adhere to all of your diner’s senses with complementary decor that is both aesthetically pleasing to be in and represents what you stand for. Whether it be elegance, rustic, minimal, or any vibe in between, there’s a printed wall covering for your preference.

Swimming Pool

Transport your pool’s inhabitants to an indoor oasis of tranquility with a printed wall covering. As the shimmering water reflects off your desired pattern or design, guests are sure to be in awe of the beauty and chic style a printed wall covering has to offer.

Available in a variety of styles and colours, the choices are endless to reflect the theme and mood of your space, including your indoor swimming pool.


Show your clients you mean business by reflecting your morals and brand in your office, whether it be a home office or in a building. Translate your company’s colour scheme and image into a printed wall covering to adorn your office.

Make your office cozy and inviting for both parties while concurrently ensuring you are a confident and mean business.

AV Style understands the importance of having a functional and beautiful space. Specializing in transforming residential and commercial spaces using printed wall coverings and PVC stretch ceilings, we know how to get the job done professionally and at cost-effective prices. For printed wall coverings done by a reputable service, contact us today.