Residential Stretch Ceiling Usage

Popcorn ceilings and other typical home finishes like dry wall and stucco can be boring. Why not transform your residential space into a work of art with a stylish and affordable PVC stretch ceiling?

Great for redecorating for reselling or personal purposes, PVC stretch ceilings protect against flooding and other water- related issues. Although it may be thin, the material is extremely durable and able to hold copious amounts of water, perfect for any room in the house. Likewise, it is also engineered to prevent steam condensation, making them ideal of humid environments like indoor pools and steamy showers in bathrooms.

Most importantly, they are gorgeous design elements that are unique to your vision. Transform your basic living spaces into works of art with stretch ceilings that customizable to your home’s design, themes and measurements. It will work in perfect harmony with the lighting, architectural, and aesthetics of your space.

Residential Space Uses


Kitchens are important to home buyers. Completely transform your cooking space while adding value by adorning it with a stretch ceiling.

Play with colour, integrated lighting, and even 3D effects like shapes of different colours layered to create a unique and modern element.

Living Room

Your living room is a shared space for both relaxing and entertaining friend and family. As common room in your home presented to guests, a stretch ceiling will let it reflect your home’s flare.

From a modern, glossy red ceiling to pack a punch, to a neutral, muted one instead, the choices are yours. Impress your guests with integrated lighting for a warm glow with artistic value.

Master Bedroom

Your bedroom is your personal space. Transport yourself to your happy place by setting the tone with a stretch ceiling.

Whether you want to incorporate your favourite colour, play with different integrated lighting options, or experiment with 3D shapes and textures, the customization process is simple and completely up to you. Relaxing shades or modern, vibrant ones, a stretch ceiling is the stylish design element your room needs.

Kid’s Bedroom

Children have a ton of imagination! Let theirs run wild and reflect in their own bedroom. For under-the-sea themes, outer-space, or princess bedroom, anything is possible. Create a unique themed bedroom with stretch ceilings that have integrated light and 3D effects to completely transform the space.


A well designed bathroom is good for both residents and guests of the home. Add some style to your washroom with glossy ceiling finishes of all colours and 3D shapes to accent your theme. That way, every room in your is stylish and exciting.

Get rid of boring finishes in favour of gorgeous, adaptable designs. AV Style guarantees an aesthetically pleasing and functional decorative finish with stretch ceilings. If you have a project you’d like to make reality contact us today!