Easy and Unique Interior Design Tricks

Interior design has soared to new levels of aesthetic delight and technical complexity in recent years.

As prices go gradually down, more and more homeowners get access to home interior designs that were, until recently, the sole domain of celebrities and the extremely wealthy.

When we look around for ideas, we get inspired by celebrity homes and videos about ceiling design trends to name just two examples. In most cases, this youtube research stops right there, online. Most features used to be far too expensive and essentially inaccessible to the average person.

Here are five examples of interior design ideas that are now accessible to most people and will make your place look like a palace.

Crown Moulding

Want to make your place look expensive without doing too much? Crown molding will add tons of class to any interior, turning it from an average to a high-class environment. The wider the trim you choose, the better. There are different shapes, sizes, and colors from which to choose, allowing you to fit in more or less any design style.

Be Creative with Paint

Clever use of paint can add extra depth to any interior. Going from bland white to the use of colors and patterns can do wonders for your place. If you choose neutral colors, use trim and accents to add an air of sophistication. Don’t stop with wall paint only, by the way. Using color on the trim or interior doors is easily done without replacing them. A popular trend nowadays is matte black doors, a great contrast creator in most interiors, promoting an expensive look.

Stretch Ceilings

This trend is not new at all, but it has somehow reached Canada only recently. It’s huge in Europe and many celebrities are adopting it wholeheartedly for its unique properties. It is easy to install, can be printed with astounding patterns, and requires no touch-ups or maintenance. What’s even better, it can conceal light fixtures (backlit ceiling) and create amazing effects. More on that a bit later in the section that deals with lighting.

Window Treatments

Relatively cheap to buy and easy to install, window treatments are an amazing interior design trick that will grace almost any space. There is a wide variety of options with lots of price ranges and styles you can mix and match with sweet abandon. They can replace curtains with ease, and they don’t need as much upkeep.

Creative Use of Lighting

Light can be used to literally create space, and this is not an exaggeration. Light fixtures vary a great deal and have also reached astounding forms lately. There are chandeliers, pot lights, elaborate digital options with remote-controlled brightness and color settings, as well as backlit ceilings that can give you amazing effects such as a starry sky view or just beautiful light patterns. This particular trend works also with backlit murals and other similar applications combining techniques and styles to create an absolutely unique interior.

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