Starry Ceiling & Other Children Interior Design Features

One of the things that make the stretch ceiling so attractive for kid’s bedrooms is that it’s so easy to install. You won’t need to clear the room for more than a few hours.

Moreover, there’s no chemical fumes as a result of someone painting indoors, and the result is more mesmerising than most artists can achieve with a brush. What’s even better, this type of ceiling can not only be printed on but backlit to create the perfect appearance of a starry sky with clouds on it.

This innovative design approach comes from Europe where it’s become an incredible success over the recent years. Now it’s finally here and gains popularity with astronomical speed.

Another beautiful thing about stretch ceilings is that they can be taken off and replaced with the same ease as they were installed, changing the room’s appearance whenever you desire.

How Are Stretch Ceilings Made?

The stretch ceiling is made from lightweight but extremely strong fabric or film. When it’s backlit, it will have transparent and semitransparent areas, depending on the design. The back lighting is achieved by installing LED strips behind (above) the ceiling. Those lights are energy-efficient units, that don’t heat up and work on low voltages which makes them perfectly safe to use in a nursery.

The illusion of a starry sky is uncanny, because of the printed design of the ceiling, often taken from photographs and so presenting an extremely realistic picture. The lights are not bulbs, but hidden sources the light of which reaches the room diffused through the stretched film, which also resembles the diffused star light as it reaches us through the atmosphere.

Stretch Murals and Ceilings as Connections To Nature

This technology is the perfectly safe way to connect to nature, expanding your child’s horizons. What’s more, it can be used for wall murals as well, creating a forest scenery, or a seaside view indoors. Again, without any paints, noise or mess at all, and all under a few hour’s work.

This is mainly due to the fact that the print is made in a printing house prior to the installation, so the majority of the work is already done by then.

This type of application can even be used on floors, where it will be adhered to the surface rather than stretched. Some of our clients go for a full 360 degree experience, where all parts of the room are used to create a mesmerising otherworldly interior.

The possibilities are nearly endless.

You can create a romantic countryside, or a space station scenery overlooking distant planets. If your child loves sci-fi, they will love a ceiling or wall portraying a scene from a favourite show or movie.

We can go on and on, telling you all about it but we’re sure our readers have already painted a vivid mental picture of their own.

If you wish to see it on your wall or child’s room ceiling, all you need to do is to call us and we’ll come and work the magic for you.