The Abridged Guide to Stars Ceiling Services: Now You Can Too Own a Starlit Night Sky!

We all want to enjoy the stars at night. We want to behold them in their full splendor. We want to gaze at them with an open heart and appreciate the beauty of the night sky.

But you may find it hard to believe if I say that now you can too afford to enjoy the seductive night sky anytime you may wish in the comfort of your home.

All praise to the present-day, affordable stars ceiling services in Mississauga and other major cities in Canada. Today, you can easily hire one near you to construct a secondary, fiber optic, starry stretch ceiling underneath your original structural ceiling and without spending a fortune.

Stars Ceiling Services Can Help Install an Artificial Night Sky of Your Choice

Who doesn’t love gazing at the stars at night?! At first, they all look like distant specks of light in the sky, but as soon as they start to twinkle; they shine brighter than the entire universe.

What’s even more spectacular is that nowadays you can transform your plain, boring ceiling space into an illuminated star-studded canvas simply by engaging stars ceiling services in Mississauga.

Here are a few hand-picked tips for you to further enhance the starry ceiling experience

  • Make Your Stars Glow

To make your stars twinkle, simply place a large, tinted acrylic bowl of any color on a center table and underneath the focal point of your artificial night sky. To make the stars appear as if they’re made of pure stellar material, you can place tinted glass balls in the center of the bowl.

However, do keep in mind that the color and the shape of the glass or ball will alter the color of the stars’ light. Hence, feel free to experiment with them and suit yourself. Behind the starry canopy, there are umpteen fiber optic modules or strips and you can even program them to glow in varying patterns and change their colors at pre-determined intervals.

  • Complete With a Masterstroke

If you want an elegant and refined ceiling with an eye-catching, star-etched, night sky theme, then you should seriously consider repainting your walls with similar motifs. Nobody likes a backlit stars ceiling with solid-colored walls (except Justin Bieber, perhaps!). Why not put a decalcomania (just a fancy word for a rather decorative sticker) on each of the four walls, showcasing Asimov-inspired spaceships, fire-blazing departing rockets, and more on them??!!


The aforementioned, star ceiling design ideas are simple to the core, though equally exquisite at the same time, and are truly worth a try. You may also explore the web for more intriguing design ideas on illuminated, night sky ceilings and fancy, lighting effect hacks. Even if you aren’t fortunate enough every night to gaze at a pristine-clear sky that’s embellished with stars, you can still be able to treat yourself with something as good as the original simply by installing a starry effect ceiling on your home.

If you’re interested in scheduling a FREE consult with stars ceiling services in Mississauga, you can call AV Style and discuss your requirements with their professionals.