A fiber optic star ceiling can display the night sky inside

For millennia, people have enjoyed stargazing as a way to appreciate the beauty of nature. Looking up at the stars and marveling at the cosmos is a pastime shared by cultures everywhere. If you have a passion for the stars and want to bring a little bit of the universe into your home, AV Style can design a starry ceiling that is as unique as you are. With the illumination of the night sky, our fiber optic star ceiling can bring your space to life. Read our abridged guide to star ceiling services below if you’re interested in learning more.

The Abridged Guide to Star Ceiling Services: Now You Too Can Own a Starlit Night Sky!

Bring in the mystery and grandeur of the night sky with the addition of a starry ceiling in your home. A fiber optic star ceiling can add a little magic to any room, whether it be a cinema room, rec room, or home office. If you’re interested in changing your drab ceiling into beautiful art you can appreciate year-round, then check out these top 3 design tips.

1. Plan on Complementary Colours

Complementary color lighting has been utilized in films, art, and theatre, and is an important technique that is necessary to make a piece of art more coherent and pleasant to the eye. You can apply this effect to your home and bring in a bit of whimsy by using different color combinations. You can do this with several neon lighting strips in hues that go well together. The goal of this design style is to use a variety of colors to play with light depth and bring your indoor night sky to life.

2. Think Creative Patterns

Another essential consideration when designing a fiber optic star ceiling is that no two sections of the sky should appear identical. For the most authentic and visually beautiful starry skies, it’s important to include diverse patterns, such as a dispersion of stars, swirls, or even galaxies. You may also utilize patterns in various hues to create a nebula-like effect in your night sky. It is possible to create whatever you want for your cosmos. When it comes to illuminating your starry ceiling, your creative imagination is your guide.

3. Make a Statement

A fiber optic star ceiling is a great way to make a statement in your house. When adding one to your home, utilize it as the crowning piece of a magnificent area rather than the sole aesthetic feature in a plain room. Take the risk and stick to the concept if you want your design to stand out and your starry ceiling to shine.

For example, if you have a cinema room, you can turn it into an actual theatre decked out in red chairs and red velvet curtains. A plain rec room can be turned into an outdoor adventure using the starry ceiling as your night sky and synthetic turf for your flooring. If you want to kick it up a notch, you can even pick out a wall decal with beautiful scenery to match your hideaway. There are numerous ways to make your star ceiling your own, but if you want to go big, don’t hesitate to go bold!

If you’re interested in learning more about installing a fiber optic star ceiling, AV Style can help you. We are here to design starry ceilings that are multifunctional pieces seen as art and lighting systems. Contact us for our free consultations and guidance on star ceiling services. Give us a call at (647) 812-1275 and we can help you calculate your estimate!