Outstanding Stretch Ceiling Solutions from AV Style

Celebrities Choose Stretch Ceiling Solutions from AV Style

Finding the perfect interior design style that suits you is the key to creating a winning home. When you’re looking to up your design game, consider replacing your ceilings. In fact, your ceiling doesn’t have to be the plain white drywall any longer. Home improvement projects have finally caught up with ceiling material. Certainly, stretch ceilings have replaced the ceilings of the past.

The Clipso fabric stretch ceiling is exceptionally durable and it allows for integrating lighting and custom printed designs. With this simple renovation, your home may contend for first place. If you’re looking to create a home with star-studded style, two-time boxing world champion Jean Pascal can confirm that a star ceiling is what your home needs to be the best it can be!

How Champions Transform Their Interior Design

Jean Pascal had a vision in mind for his cinema room. He knew he needed stretch ceiling specialists that understood his style. Being a two-time Boxing world champion takes discipline, determination, and dedication.

AV Style Jean Pascal Home Cinema Ceiling Before the Renovation

He searched for professionals that possessed these same qualities when completing his stretch ceiling project. He wanted a cinema room that reflected his champion mentality. His interior design idea was a ceiling that could be truly unique and highlight the opulence of his winning belt display case.

For this star project, a Clipso stretch ceiling was paired with a fiber optic light display in order to replicate twinkling stars that rival the night sky. The starry sky ceiling’s blue backlit lighting system gives off an air of luxury while also providing a tranquil setting in which to unwind, watch a movie, or check up on the latest Boxing events. This stretch ceiling solution gave Pascal, the star-quality style he was looking for.

AV Style Jean Pascal Home Cinema Ceiling After the Renovation

You might assume it’s difficult to build a lavish home on par with celebrity standards.

But it can be as easy as updating your décor and replacing your ceiling. Stretch ceilings can help your interior design go from drab to fab. With the simple installation of a designer ceiling from stretch ceiling professionals, you can own the night sky like Jean Pascal.

Ceiling Design Trends – Which One Fits Your Space?

Interior design trends are always changing. What is popular and in style is always in motion forward and backward in design throughout the decades. With viral TikTok trends and social media sensations, it can be hard to keep up with what will give your home the star treatment it deserves. The magic of stretch ceilings is that they come in various designs and they can be easily changed. If you’re looking to update your outdated ceilings and want to change with the trends, stretch ceilings are the best choice for you.

Updating Your Ceiling – How to Start

The important first step is to find an interior design style that speaks to you. Jean Pascal wanted a star ceiling to create an ambiance that aligned with his room’s rich décor because that represented his style. The best way to figure out your interior design plan? Above all, research a style or concept that looks appealing to you. For example, if you enjoy modern and clean lines in your home, a high gloss ceiling can give you that chic image you’re looking for. Even if you enjoy retro designs, a stretch ceiling specialist can create artwork that embraces design styles such as art nouveau, art deco, or mid-century modern.

Types of Stretch Ceilings to Choose from

Unsure about trending ceiling designs? Read our recommendations below to see what stretch ceiling solutions may fit your aesthetic.

  • High gloss – Glossy reflective stretch ceilings can make your home look luxurious and spacious. Using light in your home, this ceiling material creates the illusion of higher ceilings and creates an elevated space.
  • Stars – A beautiful lighted stretch ceiling that mimics the night sky is perfect for any part of the home. Think of the glow-in-the-dark stars from childhood, but with an added sophistication.
  • Matte – If you enjoy neutrals in your home, a trendy stretch ceiling solution is a matte material. Matte ceilings can bring in a touch of richness that your interior design style is missing.
  • Artwork – Utilizing artwork to spruce up your space is a great design idea. But using it on your ceiling takes it to a whole new level! Imagine your favourite painting displayed above your head, akin to the classic ceiling murals such as the Sistine Chapel or Constellations at Grand Central Station.
  • Nature – Your love of nature can be seen not only in your home décor or colour scheme, but also on your ceiling. You can have any nature scape you can imagine, from ocean waves to angelic clouds.
  • Lighting – Integrated lighting is a trendy choice for those who love home designs that incorporate futuristic styles. You can have neon lighting for a fresh glow or white pendulum lighting systems for a chic look.

Indeed, your home can be on trend and aligned with star styles when you update your ceiling. If you want a winning stretch ceiling, AV Style has stretch ceiling experts that can install and create a knockout design. Bring the cosmos into your home like Jean Pascal. Take the word from a champ, there’s no competition! In the words of Jean Pascal, “When you’re the best, you want to work with the best!” Trust AV Style to make your home’s ceiling a star attraction.

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