Why You Should Invest in Stretch Ceilings Instead of Drywall

Stretch Ceiling vs Drywall: Which Ceiling is Better?

Stretch Ceiling vs Drywall Which Ceiling is Better

Your home is a valuable asset that needs up-to-date maintenance. It is also a place that deserves the best and most current renovations for your comfort and to keep up with your changing style. There is an easy renovation you can make to your entire home that is modern, durable, and easy to interchange if you just look up. The stretch ceilings may not be your first thought when you are considering making updates to your home, but they should be on your list.


If you have an outdated ceiling, it can be an issue not just for your home’s image but also for your health and safety. Is your home in need of an update but you’re unsure of the best choice for your ceiling? Let’s get into your options for updating your ceiling from ‘dull’ to ‘designer’.

How Do Stretch Ceilings Compare to Drywall Ceilings?

If you have an older home, it’s possible that you have an outdated ceiling. An old and tired ceiling can cause a plethora of problems if you don’t have it removed and replaced in a timely manner. It may cause health issues, have damage due to age, and be unsafe to live under due to deteriorating material. However, there are options that can solve your ceiling issues and make your home a safe and clean space. The traditional route is drywall, but is it better? There is a modern option available known as the stretch ceiling. Stretch ceilings use PVC (also known as vinyl film), connected to a track to create a ceiling system. Want to know which material is better? Continue reading to understand the comparison between these two ceiling materials.

Stretch Ceiling Installation Process Wins

stretch ceiling installation

Ceiling installation can be a big process for any material. So, how do drywall and stretch ceilings stack up when it comes to installation? Drywall is a common option, but the installation process is tedious. You may face issues such as:
• Messy renovation – Drywall installation can be messy with a lot of dust and debris.
• Tedious process – It is a long-drawn-out process that can take professionals a lot of time to complete in your home.
• Shorter life – The longevity of drywall is much shorter compared to stretch ceilings.

Stretch ceilings are a great option for your ceiling design because of the installation process, among other perks. The process includes the following:

• Quick – Stretch ceiling installation can be quick with the right professionals. It can take as little as a couple of hours and less mess.
• Professionally installedPVC stretch ceiling requires specialists and special equipment, but that ensures that you will have professional help and installation for your renovation.
• Interchangeable – Stretch ceilings have a long shelf life, but even so, if you’re unhappy or your style preference changes, you can easily change your ceiling, unlike drywall.

Stretch Ceilings Mean Space and Height

AV Style Spacious Bedroom Stretch Ceiling

When comparing both drywall and stretch ceilings, you must consider many factors to understand which material is right for your home. One of the most important factors in your home is your space. You don’t want a ceiling that is too low and shrinks your home. Unfortunately, drywall can cause this issue due to the process of installation. Stretch ceilings can give your home a lift and create a space that looks airy and bright because of how the material is finished. Stretch ceilings can be created with high gloss, mirrored finishes, or integrated lighting and can make a luxurious, spacious home that cannot be created with drywall.

Stretch Ceiling Maintenance is Easy

cleaning stretch ceiling

Maintenance is an important aspect of any home improvement. You want to be sure that the update to your home lasts. Drywall might not be the best choice if you’re looking for longevity. A drywall ceiling can have issues such as being moisture prone, cracks, molding, peeling, and staining. A stretch ceiling has up to 30 years of longevity and is not prone to mold, peeling, or cracking. Stretch ceiling can be punctured due to random events but it is rare. If a puncture occurs, a specialist can easily repair or replace your stretch ceiling.


Stretch Ceilings Lighting Installation is Safer

When you want to add interesting light features to your home, drywall and stretch ceilings are both good choices. However, drywall is not waterproof and is a messier option for lighting systems. Installing integrated light systems into drywall can be a messy process and may not look as neat or clean as stretch ceiling designs.

If you’re searching for a stretch ceiling design specialist in Canada, AV Style is here to help. Drywall may seem like your only option when replacing an outdated ceiling, but it doesn’t have to be. Stretch ceiling is more durable, long-lasting, and comes in unique styles and finishes. Consider stretch ceilings for your home improvement, and you’ll enjoy luxurious looks that last. Stretch ceilings can give your home the refresh it needs with the professionals at AV Style. We can easily install and create a ceiling that is the modern update your home deserves.


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