Fiber Optics Lights Services for Star Ceilings: Design Considerations to Keep in Mind

The human mind is always fascinated by the seductive beauty of the star-studded night sky. While like-minded individuals usually gather at a campsite for stargazing, continuous strides in optical illumination technology have finally made it possible for anyone to witness the starry welkin without even leaving their rooms. Now you can install a backlit star-etched ceiling in your home simply by contacting fiber optics lights services in Toronto (or wherever you may require) and with a nominal investment.

Fiber Optics Lights Services: Key Advantages of Installing a Starry Night Ceiling in Home

Several research studies have substantiated that stargazing encourages imagination, inspiration, and reaffirms one’s primal connection with Mother Nature. It makes you feel as if time is slowing down or has come to a standstill. In short, stargazing provides you with a feeling of peace and solitude, offering a much-required break from mundane daily routines.

As per the latest statistics from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), USA, Americans spend 93 out of every 100 hours of their lifetime indoors. Unfortunately, various national surveys have confirmed that Canadians are also NOT very far behind. So, why not call fiber optics lights services in Toronto today and set up a custom-built star ceiling?! Before you do that, we suggest you should thoroughly go through the following design recommendations for your illuminated star ceiling.

Major Design Considerations for Your Backlit Star Ceiling

The star distribution happens to be at random in any astral space in real life. However, it’s been observed that people are likely to be uncomfortable with large voids, exhibiting a distinct affinity for balanced star effects, which, of course, reduces the realism aspect in the process. Nevertheless, this particular urge must be subdued at any cost.

Now go, watch the night sky above, you’ll come across clusters of stars along with humongous distances of unoccupied space. This’s precisely what you should aim to replicate for experiencing the most delighting effect. Yet, if your objective is to construct an industrial illumination effect for provoking visual interest, don’t shy away from experimenting and tweaking the system. You can also consider hiring fiber optics lights services in Toronto to help you with this.

A vast majority of consumers envision a replica of the night sky or intend to closely mimic the stellar constellations. Although you can make use of patterns for this effect, the costs involved and the effort invested are usually not worth the additional amount of time required, as most installations are likely to be too small (star space too small or ceiling too close) for realizing the desired effect.

The location for setting up your illuminated star ceiling is also paramount. To put things into perspective, city observers will be able to see fewer stars than his or her suburban or rural peers are. In general, use 50 to 77 stars per square meter to replicate a countryside starry night, restrict it to 30 to 44 for the suburbs, and do NOT go beyond 10 to 33 for the city.

So, these are a few points that you should remember when planning to install a stretch star ceiling for your home. If you’re immediately looking for reliable fiber optics lights services in Toronto to help you with the installation procedure, you can get in touch with AV Style, as they’re one of the most trusted contractors in entire Ontario.