5 Unique Ceiling Elements in Modern Design

Banish typical ceiling finishes in favour of these modern, chic ceiling elements.

Basic ceiling finishes like drywall, stucco and popcorn ceilings can be boring. So, why settle for ordinary when you can turn your ceiling into a unique, stylistic focal point that compliments your entire space?

Whether you’re looking to transform your residential bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens or living rooms, or even your commercial restaurants, offices and swimming pools, check out the top 5 most unique ceiling elements in modern design.

Wooden Splendor

Wood is an extremely popular material for ceilings, and for good reason. Used to achieve a rustic or minimal aesthetic, a wood-clad ceiling can be done simply as a panelled design, with metal details, or in more intricate designs with beams to create an interesting focal point.

Also coming In multiple textures, shapes and sizes, designing your own ceiling with wood can be a gorgeous fix for a bland room.

Vinyl Stretch Ceiling

Are you looking for a stylish and customizable ceiling finish that will pack a punch into your space? Then vinyl stretch ceilings are for you. Made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), the material is stretched into a sheet of thin, but incredibly strong, vinyl. Not only are they gorgeous, allowing for an upscale finish from edge to edge, but they are durable being able to uphold 130 gallons of water.

The colours and shapes are also completely customizable, that way you can coordinate your ceiling to compliment your room, making it flow flawlessly throughout. Create different shapes and raises with a glossy vinyl ceiling with the ability to integrate lighting as well.

3D Shape PVC Stretch Ceiling

Truly make your ceiling the focal point of any room with 3D stretch ceilings. Similar to vinyl stretch ceilings, it is used to achieve the illusion of a three-dimensional surface. Create the breathtaking appearance of being in outer space or underwater, for example.

By using multilayer framing, lighting and/ or 3D artwork, this interior environment creates extraordinary living and is utterly inviting in both commercial and residential spaces. Coming in all shapes and sizes, and endless colours and designs, a 3D stretch ceiling could be what you need to elevate your space.

Brick & Brick Veneers

What better way to achieve modern, rustic glamour than with another raw material – brick! Brick veneers and raw brick are a perfect texture for a rustic surface in order to bring the right contrast into the space. These brick finishes transform the most minimal of rooms into something unconventional and exciting.

Sculpted & Accent Ceilings

A perfect way to draw attention to your ceiling and make it a form of art is with sculpting and accent colours. Add a cut-out ceiling in the shape of a diamond with a pendant light to add drama to the space.

Likewise, by painting the ceiling a bright blue or red against an ivory wall, you can give your room the exciting finish you so desire.

Are you looking to spice up your ceiling with a Vinyl Stretch Ceiling or 3D Shape a PVC Stretch Ceiling? Look no further than AV Style, which understands the importance of a beautifully finished room. With multiple years of experience in the field, contact stretch ceiling experts today.