How to Clean and Maintain Your Clipso Fabric Stretch Ceiling

Stretch Ceiling Cleaning and Maintenance

The common painted ceiling may be the standard, but you don’t need to settle for the ordinary. Painted ceilings have a short life and need maintenance within 3 years of installation. Ceiling cleaning and maintenance for standard drywall means constantly fixing cracks and peeling and repainting. Why not consider an option like a stretch ceiling that is more cost-effective, offers greater aesthetic appeal, and is easy to clean and maintain?

How to Clean Different Types of Ceiling Stains

AV Style presents a solution like no other—Clipso stretch ceilings! A stretch ceiling is an ideal replacement for a drywall, stucco, or popcorn ceiling. Unlike other materials, stretch ceilings can last up to 15 years or more with minimal maintenance, and ceiling cleaning is done the right way. With Clipso ceilings, you don’t have to struggle to fix every crack or stretch to dust and scrub away the dirt. These modern marvels are made of polyester fabric and coated with polyurethane. This material is ideal for ceilings because it’s a deodorizer, water-repellant, and allergen-free.

How Often You Should Clean the Stretch Ceiling

You may be used to dusting your old ceiling often. Clipso ceilings will not need the same degree and frequency of attention and care. They were created to be a mess-free solution for your outdated ceilings. The specialized material is anti-static, meaning it also repels dust. From a maintenance standpoint, stretch ceilings stand above others because they have a long shelf life and do not crack crease, or peel. What’s more, if you decide that you want to change your ceiling design with a new finish, colour, or style, a stretch ceiling specialist can quickly replace your old stretch ceiling. Find design inspiration by looking at our diverse portfolio of stretch ceiling solutions and installations.

What to Use to Clean Your Clipso Stretch Ceiling?

Stretch ceilings rarely get dirty, but if the material is somehow stained, there is a simple fix. Surface stains can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. A set-in stain needs a boost from a cleaning solution. The most preferred solution to use is Clipso Cleaner. Clipso Cleaner is a special cleaning solution formulated to get rid of any stain you may find on your stretch ceiling. If you can’t find Clipso Cleaner near you, you may also use cleaning solutions with a neutral PH. Keep in mind that you should never use bleach because it is corrosive and will ruin the material.

How to Clean Different Types of Ceiling Stains

Stains can appear for many reasons. If you notice a stain pooling on the inside of your ceiling, it may be an indicator that your neighbours above you have a leak that is causing a ceiling flood. If someone smokes in the home, you may notice yellow staining. Your stretch ceiling can suffer from cosmetic blemishes from different situations such as home renovations, freshly painted walls, or children playing games that send objects up in the air and hitting the ceiling.

If you are struggling to figure out how to clean your stretch ceiling, our team has put together the useful tips below to help you.

  • Grease: Certain dishes being prepared in your kitchen can cause grease stains to appear on the ceiling. Remove these stains by using Clipso Cleaner or a cleaning solution such as a PH-neutral, diluted dish detergent with a soft cloth. grease stretch ceiling stains
  • Soot: Clipso Cleaner can help you remove any ash or soot stains. It is difficult to remove the colouring from the ash without it.
  • Yellow patches: You may notice yellow patches appear if you smoke or live with someone that smokes in the home. This can also happen in high-humidity areas. The solution is simple—use a stretch ceiling cleaner or diluted soda ash.
  • Cosmetic wear: Surface stains can appear with paint, dye, coloured liquid, or condiments, and cause staining on your stretch ceiling. You can use cleaning solutions free of bleach; ideally, use the Clipso Cleaner.
  • White spots: Different chemical compounds from cleaning products can lead to white spots on your stretch ceiling. The best way to handle this is bleach-free, PH-neutral cleaners such as dish soap, laundry soap, or alcohol diluted in water.

Clipso Fabric Cleaning Advice

When cleaning a Clipso fabric ceiling, don’t be concerned about damage from scrubbing. The only way to damage a stretch ceiling is to puncture the material. You should always clean by hand with a soft cloth, never with a broom or duster, so there is no risk of puncturing the fabric. Clipso stretch ceilings are perfect for any home because of the durability, construction, longevity of the material, and easy-to-clean fabric. If it does happen, a punctured ceiling is an easy fix with the help of stretch ceiling professionals.

Stretch ceiling cleaning is a simple chore with few cleaning solutions needed. Experts from AV Style can easily install, replace, and repair your ceiling with one that is easy to maintain. We create ceiling designs that are unique, convenient, and accessible, to give you more time for relaxation, and elevate the look and feel of any space in your home.


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