Fiber Optics Lights Services for Bespoke Backlit Ceilings: Things You Should Remember

An optical fiber ceiling is essentially a purpose-built ceiling that provides the observers with the illusion of a starry night sky above them. It’s spectacularly similar to what people witness when stargazing from a campsite or inside a planetarium. You need to consult experienced fiber optics lights services in Woodbridge (or wherever you may reside for that matter) for installing these kinds of interior stretch ceilings equipped with futuristic illumination technology.

These backlit ceilings are also known as star ceilings and you can explore the web for a plethora of inspirational design ideas for the same. Here are a few vital things that you should keep in mind when planning to install one for your home.

How much does an Illuminated Stretch Ceiling with Fiber Optics Lights Services Cost

The net cost of setting up a fiber optics ceiling depends on numerous critical factors and we’ve listed them below with a brief explanation for your convenience.

  • Ceiling Area

The bigger the length and breadth of your ceiling are, the more you’ve to spend on the translucent base material.

  • Star Configuration

The cost of your night sky ceiling will go up if you’re to opt for more stars per square meter and choosing one with advanced programming like automatic color change will only increase it further.

  • Cable or Filament Optics

Filament optics is comparatively slimmer than optical cables and hence, the former alternative offers you way more luminosity per square meter. On the contrary, if you don’t want tens and hundreds of lights spread through the entire ceiling space and only require a few in specific areas, cable optics is the most ideal option.

We strongly recommend consulting established fiber optics lights services in Woodbridge for getting a realistic cost estimate over the phone or in person.

How to Get One for Your Home

Although some of you might be tempted to take the do-it-yourself route, we certainly do NOT advise it unless you’re a seasoned professional. Attempting to install your dream star ceiling without any prior experience will only mess up your electrical connections. However, engaging a veteran installation consultant for the said task can help optimize the use of your resources and ensure you the best possible return on investment.

Most homeowners settle for a drop-down system in place of replacing the entire foundation. It means that your electrical cabling will need to be routed between the fiber optics ceiling and your structural ceiling. Although it does call for meticulous planning, it’s an investment worth considering, and today, there are more backlit ceiling providers available near you than ever to help install your dream star ceiling in no time.

It’s imperative for you to shortlist a few such local installation services before zeroing in on one. Make sure to do your research properly and carefully go through all the online testimonials and user reviews of your potential service provider to find out how satisfied the customers are with that particular company.

If you’re presently searching for fiber optics lights services in Woodbridge with a proven track record and impeccable after-sales support, you can contact AV Style as it’s become a familiar name in a significant number of Canadian households since its inception.