Acoustic Stretch Ceilings for Your Space

Soundproof Ceiling Solution

A soundproof ceiling is an often overlooked element of interior design that can simply elevate any space in functionality and style. Versatile acoustic stretch ceilings immediately become a focal point while enhancing indoor sound. Additionally, soundproof ceilings can take many forms in shape and texture. This means your ceiling can be custom crafted to fit your style.

What is an Acoustic Stretch Ceiling?

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An acoustic stretch ceiling appears like a standard PVC or stretch ceiling. However, soundproof ceilings are characterized by slightly different stretch ceiling materials. With a perforated fabric surface, soundproofing any room is simple. This design element allows sound to absorb into the ceiling, preventing unwanted echoes and ambient noise.

Not only are soundproof ceilings functional, but they’re also attractive. Sleek textures and bold colors transform any space. Whether for a theater room, office, or dining space, you simply can’t go wrong with the elegance of an acoustic stretch ceiling.

How Do Acoustic Stretch Ceilings Affect Sound Performance?

Stretch ceiling material and installation mechanics can either make or break sound performance. Acoustic stretch ceilings serve a combination of purposes. First, these ceilings help soundproof rooms by resisting the penetration of external noise. Additionally, soundproof ceilings minimize excess internal noise by reducing acoustic pressure.

Acoustic stretch ceilings also support sound diffusion. This means acoustics are evenly spread across the space for an optimal listening experience at any position. Indoor acoustics is ultimately a science. So, it’s best to trust a professional contractor for the best results.

Pros and Cons of Acoustic Stretch Ceiling

If you’re considering installing an acoustic stretch ceiling it’s a good idea to evaluate the pros and cons. Obviously, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, but it is important to consider the minor downsides too.


  • Easy to clean & maintain
  • Cost-effective for soundproofing large areas
  • No structural building construction needed
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Hides wires, pipes, & imperfections
  • Simple & quick installation


  • Size limitations– typically cover up to 50-100 sq. meters
  • Installation requires specialty equipment & knowledge
  • Makes hidden ceiling maintenance difficult

Types of Acoustic Stretch Ceilings

When choosing an acoustic stretch ceiling type there are many factors to consider! From materials to shapes, a soundproof ceiling can bring any vision to life.

PVC Film & Canvases

Acoustic Stretch Ceiling PVC

Elastic PVC stretch materials are plastic-like surfaces. They can span across wide ceiling spaces for a sleek look. Additionally, PVC canvas is similar to the fabric material. This also stretches easily. For acoustic stretch ceilings, both PVC materials can have minuscule perforations to improve sound absorption.

Additionally, PVC materials are easy to clean. For instance, they can be wiped down easily and are resistant to water damage. However, PVC is temperature sensitive. This means it cannot be used in unheated spaces as this may warp the ceiling shape.

Fabrics with Micro-Perforations

Furthermore, fabrics with micro-perforations are another choice for acoustic ceilings. These invisible holes leave no impact on visual design. In comparison to PVC, fabric material allows for the most perforations per square meter. That means that the density is greater, allowing for more sound absorption capacity.

Also, fabric ceilings are breathable and durable. They can also withstand any temperature. However, the fabric is difficult to clean and more susceptible to water damage than PVC film.

Choosing AV Style for your Soundproof Stretch Ceilings Needs

At AV Style, our team of professional craftsmen proudly offers exceptional service to bring your acoustic stretch ceiling projects to life. Each ceiling installation is unique which is why we expertly handle your vision with care. We promise excellence and efficiency from start to finish.

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