Stretch Ceiling Installation or Wallpaper: What Comes First?

Stretch Ceiling Installation or Wallpaper Gluing First?

What should come first: stretch ceiling installation or hanging wallpaper? When planning out an interior renovation this is a common question you may find. To answer this question, it’s essential first to understand both installation processes.

Stretch Ceiling Installation or Wallpaper Gluing First

Installing both wallpaper and a custom stretch ceiling design in your home can elevate any space. Since wallpaper covers the length of a wall from top to bottom, its meeting point with a stretch ceiling must be handled carefully.

Since wallpaper covers the length of a wall from top to bottom, its meeting point with a stretch ceiling must be handled carefully.

The truth is, either the stretch ceiling or wallpaper can be installed first– but there are pros and cons to both methods. Many experts commonly suggest installing wallpaper before the ceiling design as this is more convenient and cleaner. However, the wallpaper-first approach also risks damaging or staining the new walls. 

Alternatively, installing the stretch ceiling first requires detailed adhesive wallpaper skills to avoid accidentally ruining the ceiling. If installing the stretch ceiling first, you also risk a higher chance of installing the wallpaper crookedly.

How is Wallpaper Glued?

Firstly, wallpaper installation is fairly straightforward, but requires patience and precision. Once prepping your wallpaper it’s important to prime the wall. Then, it’s time to smear glue across the wall. From there, you can hang and smooth out strips of wallpaper from top to bottom.

Wallpaper Gluing

By installing the wallpaper first there is no need to precisely cut the top edge of the paper. The overlapping stretch ceiling design can hide any imperfections. Keep in mind that you must let the wallpaper dry completely before starting the stretch ceiling installation process!

Stretch Ceiling Installation Process

After choosing your materials and design plan it’s time to install your stretch ceiling. The most common approach is the harpoon method. This involves the installation of an aluminum track along all four walls. Then, clamps are used to carefully attach the fabric at strategic positions with clamps. This process is difficult and often requires trained expertise.

In order to avoid contaminating the wallpaper while installing the stretch ceiling, use a drill and vacuum cleaner simultaneously. This way you remove most of the dirt before it stains the walls.

To learn more about the 3D stretch ceiling design and installation process specifically, check out our complete guide here!

Additional Recommendations

Above all, remember that each project is different! Every space has unique nuances that may help determine which installation order to choose. 

Wallpaper Installation

Another factor to consider is the longevity of the wallpaper and ceiling design. Stretch ceilings can last for decades with very minimal maintenance and repair necessary. On the other hand, wallpaper is less permanent and you can easily be re-glued frequently. So it may be a smart idea to protect the quality of your stretch ceiling by installing wallpaper first.

In the case that you already have a stretch ceiling design is already set don’t forget to tape the edges of the ceiling design before applying new wallpaper. Additionally, consider hiring a professional to carefully protect your ceiling while gluing up wallpaper.

Whatever You Choose to Do First, AV Style will Do the Job Professionally

Ultimately the choice between installing a stretch ceiling or wallpaper first is up to you! And AV Style will support your decision every step of the way.

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