What is Clipso Fabric?

Clipso stretch fabrics are used to transform regular ceilings and walls into amazing aesthetic features. The design you choose should not only complement the rest of the décor but should also reflect your personality. The technical characteristics of this fabric make it easily adaptable to suit your personal needs. If you are looking for a way of sprucing up your home or business, Clipso stretch fabric ceilings are the perfect solution. Find out more about Clipso fabric and why it has become such a popular choice in homes and commercial settings alike.

Types from Which to Choose

You can choose between printed, colored, stain-proof, acoustic, and translucent options. Each type of Clipso stretch fabric is designed to fulfill a particular need. You can order your Clipso stretch fabric with a design already printed on it if you so choose. Backlit options allow the lighting to illuminate and emphasize the design. Acoustic fabric is an excellent choice if you want to block out the noise of upstairs neighbors, traffic, and other loud sounds. So, simply put, each type of Clipso fabric differs depending on the purpose it is designed to serve.


With so many different variations available, it makes it particularly easy to find the fabric and design to suit your style. This fabric was initially designed for residential and commercial needs alike. Whether you own a fancy vehicle showroom, a luxurious salon, a bar, a restaurant, or any other business, you can be sure that Clipso stretch fabric will completely change your environment. Clipso fabric is held to the highest standards in order to meet and exceed expectations.


These special fabrics are not only used on walls and ceilings but you can also create stretch partitions. If you have an office space that you would like to split up for privacy or other reasons, these stylish partitions will ensure that your workspace looks neat and professional. Clipso profiles are compatible with various shapes. This is because there are a number of elements that need to be considered. Some examples include beams, air conditioning systems, and lighting. Should you opt for a translucent fabric, you will love the way the backlighting shines through and gives the room an amazing atmosphere.

Important Benefits

There are many important advantages of choosing Clipso stretch ceilings. Understanding what to expect from this stretch fabric will also help you make the best choice. The fabric, as well as the profiles, are designed and manufactured according to the highest standards which ensure maximum quality and value for money. You can give any room a fresh new luxurious feel without the expense and inconvenience of completely altering the ceiling, walls, or entire room. The quick and easy installation means that you need not deal with noisy renovations or all the dust that goes along with it.

Clipso for Special Spaces

If you are looking for a ceiling and/or wall solution to help minimize noise then it is important to specify this before finalizing your order. By choosing the right fabric, you can greatly reduce noise. In a residential setting, this is perfect for those who live in noisy areas such as nurseries where babies need a bit more peace and quiet. In the business sector, a quiet conference room will help keep everyone focused and, if you run any kind of therapy-type business (counseling, massage, aromatherapy, and so on), then a soothing and quiet environment is a must! Clipso fabric does not absorb odors which makes it ideal for places like salons and restaurants. It is also easy to clean and paint can be applied to all fabrics. The fabric itself is lightweight, unlike conventional ceilings, which is always great news as far as installation is concerned.

At AV Style, We Supply the Very Best Clipso Stretch Ceiling Designs

When you choose Clipso fabric, you can be sure that you are getting the very best product and excellent value for money. Make your home the talk of the neighborhood or help boost business by making your commercial space far more attractive to potential customers. Remember, clients, are far more inclined to do business with you if your premises are up to scratch! Should you ever wish to make any changes to your ceiling, it’s good to know that Clipso fabric designs are easy to remove.

Therefore, whether you are looking for a ceiling with backlighting, a starlit effect, a soundproof environment, or wall murals to fascinate all of your visitors, call AV Style at (647) 812-1275 today! Our team will gladly answer any questions you may have, provide professional advice, help provide inspiration, and supply you with a quote. We are always happy to listen to your design requests in order to make your dreams come to life!