PVC Ceiling Design: Princess Margaret Home Lottery

Ceiling Design Project for Princess Margaret Home Lottery


About the Project

AV Style worked with the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation to install a specialty PVC ceiling design. The project included the cinema and dining rooms.

The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation works to conquer cancer in our lifetime. Therefore, the annual Princess Margaret Home Lottery exists to raise funds. In eight months, the grand prize show home is custom designed and built from the ground up. Princess Margaret Home Lottery constantly presents nationally recognized design inspiration. They set the standard for interior design enthusiasts across Canada.

Stretch ceilings are a unique component of the Fall 2022 Princess Margaret Home. Our team at AV Style was brought on for this extraordinary project. We worked to create high-quality ceiling installations. These appear in both the cinema and dining rooms. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) ceiling panels formed the foundation of this project’s design.

We are thrilled to bring these unique stretch ceiling designs to life!

Stretch Ceiling Designer: Brian Gluckstein

Brian Gluckstein leads Gluckstein Design planning for the annual Princess Margaret Home Lottery. His plans result in sophisticated interiors for every space! With expertise in luxury design, Brian curated specialty PVC ceiling designs for this home. AV Style feels honored to bring Brian’s visions to life in these spaces.

Made of a stretched high gloss canvas is the dining room ceiling design. Firstly, Brian explained how unique the glossy stretch ceiling design is because it’s not painted. He says he doesn’t do this very often. But, its stunning reflections create a magical atmosphere day and night.

In addition, the cinema room design revolves around the starry sky ceiling. Pin spots on the fabric ceiling create a vision of the stars moving! This makes the room an immersive experience. It truly puts the Princess Margaret Home Lottery on the map.

What did AV Style do?


Cinema Room:

Firstly, AV Style implemented a starry sky ceiling in the cinema room of this year’s Princess Margaret Lottery Home. The design spanned 350 square feet and took a total of five days to complete!

Starry sky ceiling design
Photographer: Britney Townsend


We used first-rate black acoustic polyester fabric from France to line the starry sky ceiling. After that, we installed the Mitsubishi “Eska” fiber optic light system to create the illusion of twinkling stars in the sky. In addition, we used 24-volt RGB+ WW LED strip lights. These span the perimeter and walls of the room.

Dining Room:

Furthermore, our team installed a PVC high gloss stretch ceiling system in the dining room. Over the span of two days, the project covered 200 square feet. We chose a reflective ceiling effect with white high gloss PVC.

Photo by Britney Townsend dining room AV Style 2 high gloss stretch ceiling design
Photographer: Britney Townsend


In addition, we installed integrated pot lights and a dazzling chandelier. In conclusion, the effect is timeless and elegant!

PVC Ceiling Design Solutions

Why use PVC ceiling design? PVC ceilings are easier to install than traditional plasterboard. Most importantly, they provide a lightweight, durable surface. In other words, it’s easy for homeowners to maintain. In addition, PVC ceilings are entirely waterproof and mold resistant!

PVC ceiling design puts aesthetics and function hand in hand! Firstly, it was important to consider sound quality in the installation. For instance, AV Style chose Polyester felt fabric to line the walls. This material enhances acoustic performance. Also, that means you can have an unforgettable movie-watching experience.

Similarly, we chose the dining room ceiling design materials! Durable material forms the glossy stretch ceiling design. It will resist peeling and cracking for years to come. Above all, stretch ceilings instantly become the focal point of any room. In the end, they transform your home into a modern space.

Warranty Expectations

In conclusion, AV Style promises a 10-year warranty on project materials. We also offer a 3-year warranty on all electronics and labor. Above all, your home deserves finishing elements that will last a lifetime. And so do you! We are committed to quality. Your home ceilings will stay looking and standing as good as new for years to come.

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