Stretch ceiling solutions to modernize your property

Are you a property owner that wants to modernize your space but need some inspiration? Do you want to incorporate contemporary designs into your home but are unsure of what will match your aesthetic? Certainly, installing a stretch ceiling could remedy your design woes. If you’re on the hunt for design ideas to upgrade your space, check out these ceiling solutions below.

Starry Ceiling Solutions

If you love stargazing and wish you could always look up and see the stars, a stretch ceiling installation could be the answer you’re looking for. For instance, light pollution can make it difficult to see the night sky unless you trek to an area far from your home in the city. A starry stretch ceiling is a perfect solution to this problem. You can bring the night sky inside with the help of a stretch ceiling with embedded lighting to make your stars twinkle.

High Gloss Stretch Ceilings

High gloss stretch ceilings are revolutionary. Design solutions can be utilized to create modern environments with a simple application by a professional. A high gloss stretch ceiling is a durable reflective material that has a mirror-like quality that will give your property depth. If you’re in the market for an on-trend ceiling covering alternative, consider high gloss stretch ceilings.

Matte Stretch Ceiling Solutions

Do you enjoy more rustic, traditional, or natural design trends? If this is your preferred design style, matte stretch ceilings may be the ceiling solution to elevate your space. This design offers the traditional look of drywall and plaster but with easy installation and a completely seamless appearance. Matte ceiling solutions are available in a variety of colours and patterns to accommodate your taste.

Ceiling Solutions for Acoustic Balance

Acoustic stretch ceilings are a design element that is not only a great way to provide your space with a modern look but also helps reduce noise. Acoustic stretch ceilings are perforated to create balance by absorbing soundwaves, resulting in a significant noise reduction. If you’re working from home or have children in remote learning settings, this is an ideal option that will benefit the whole family.

Backlit Stretch Ceiling Solutions

Are you interested in cutting-edge interior design? Backlit stretch ceilings are a great way to give your space a contemporary look that is fitting for the 21st century. Backlit ceilings can provide a multitude of design elements, from a sophisticated, chic display to a space that rivals a sci-fi movie.

Printed Stretch Ceiling Designs

If you want to create a space that is uniquely your own, printed stretch ceiling designs can be fashioned from your imagination with the help of a professional. Any image you can think of can be used to create the ceiling of your dreams, from nature scenes to famous artwork and everything in between.

Laser Cut Ceiling Designs for Stretch Ceilings

Precision laser cutting service from professional ceiling technicians allows for unique ceiling options that couldn’t be achieved using traditional materials. From simple shapes to complex patterns, there is a variety of options that can be used to turn a once-boring ceiling into a modern work of art. Laser-cut ceilings pair well with integrated lighting that adds brilliance to your chosen design.

Integrated Lighting Ceiling Solutions

Do you need to illuminate your space? You can incorporate more light into your home with integrated lighting solutions. These lighting systems can be used for both stretch fabric and PVC stretched ceilings. There is a variety of different designs. For example, star ceilings, chandelier ceilings, and perimeter-lit ceilings.

Soundproofing Solutions for Stretch Ceilings

If you aim to soundproof your space and save money, consider installing a soundproofing stretch ceiling. This ceiling covering alternative can create a soundproof space without having to spend money on traditional soundproofing materials. The beauty of this solution is that you can easily decorate it. To feature artwork, nature, or any design and colour of your choice.

If your property needs an innovative update to accommodate contemporary trends, AV Style has the solutions you’re looking for. We can install the ceiling that modernizes your space and becomes the talk of the town.

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