A Creative Approach by AV Style: Redefining Spaces with Stretch Ceilings

With nice weather come great opportunities to redefine your living or working space with stretch ceilings. Here at A.V. Style, we work hard to make your vision come true, with hard work and dedication to providing the best results.
We have completed many projects throughout the years, and we’ve seen dull and featureless spaces turn into beautiful areas with the help of our creative touch. One of such projects was the one we completed in early spring, 2018, where we brought a 1300 sqft. Thornhill home to a whole new level. Take a look at the amazing results we’ve achieved after only 5 days of work.

The Fireplace Room

We started off by covering the popcorn ceiling and adding spotlights in the fireplace room, which took us about 6 hours to finish. As usual, we started off by finding the right level and fixing the profile. Then we built the frame for the spotlights, stretched the membrane, and glued and cut the holes for the spotlights.

Inner Ground Floor Rooms

After having brought the fireplace room to a near finish, we moved on to the inner rooms on the ground floor. The same process of covering the popcorn ceiling was done in the ground floor living room, dining room, kitchen, and hallway. These 4 rooms were an easy task for our expert team as we were able to finish them within 2 days.

Going Up…

After redesigning the ceilings for the entire first floor, we moved up to the second floor to bring a dash of luxury there as well. We started off the same as on the ground floor and installed the amazing white high gloss PVC membrane in the upstairs staircase hall, office, and second bedroom.

A Great Finish with the Master Bedroom

The big finish was added to the master bedroom, where we installed a floating stretch ceiling with RGB LED cove lighting.