When Stretch Ceilings And Interior Design Meet

Interior design has come a very long way over the years and it’s no longer just about colors and decorative items. The style of a room is now determined by more than just those four walls. You need to look at the room from top to bottom and this includes your ceiling. Fortunately, stretch ceilings make this easier than ever! They will give the room a perfect finish with minimal effort.


Customize your stretch ceiling design

Just like the rest of the room is all about showing off your style and reflecting your personality, so too will your ceiling. With so many amazing designs, plain white is simply no longer an option! If you have a particular theme in mind or you want to create a specific type of atmosphere, keep this in mind when selecting your ceiling design. If you are planning on adding stretch wall designs, make sure that you order them along with your stretch ceiling and that they match or create a pleasant contrast. 3D shapes and effects are particularly popular in entertainment areas as well as businesses. It’s a sure way of impressing your visitors and making the room truly unique. Lighting can be integrated into the design or you can opt for a backlit surface. The choice you make will depend on the mood you are looking for as well as the type of design you have chosen. Some designs, like a starry sky, look better with backlights rather than integrated lighting. If you are not sure, ask your supplier for their expert opinion. Not only are they familiar with their products, but they have also installed enough stretch ceilings to know what looks the best.

Suited for all rooms

One of the best things about stretch ceilings is the fact that they can be used on small rooms as well as areas that are several hundred square feet in size! They can be used in any room including bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. You can even install an amazing ceiling design to give your indoor pool a whole new appeal! Excellent for residential and commercial use, stretch ceilings are an excellent choice for offices, restaurants, bars, beauty salons, and more. The fabric is durable and it’s perfect for helping create that perfect welcoming atmosphere. Take a spa or beauty salon for example. If you want to make your visitors feel relaxed as soon as they enter, you can’t go wrong with a soothing ceiling design to complement your calming wall mural and gentle lighting. It’s all about creating the right mood and triggering the appropriate emotional response.

Simple and stylish

PVC stretch ceilings are a true asset when it comes to interior design. They are easy to work with and they also work so well with various design elements. Even if you decide to change the room décor in the future, the chances are that your durable stretch ceiling will suit the new look just as well. It’s the best way of covering up an unattractive old ceiling and blending your it with your walls, flooring, and furniture.


While some people might like to give their room or home a new look as often as possible, others prefer a sort of timeless style. Of course, durability is also a factor when you want to enjoy your design efforts for as long as possible. Fortunately, our PVC stretch ceilings bring that very important benefit to the table. You don’t have to worry about moisture in the air, absorbing smells, or anything that could compromise an inferior product. Stretch ceilings are made from the best materials to ensure that they last!

Get inspired

Sometimes, when there are so many amazing choices, it can be tough to decide which one is best. Remember basic guidelines like using lighter colors in smaller rooms and darker shades in larger spaces. Darker colors give the impression of a smaller room which is why you don’t want to use them in small areas. While a particular ceiling design might look great at first, it’s important to find the suitable mural to match before placing your order. For example, if you have a starry sky, you don’t want to add a morning forest scene to your wall – choose a night scene instead. Don’t forget – it’s the whole package that counts!

At AV Style, we are proud to supply the most amazing stretch ceiling designs to homes and businesses throughout Toronto. Our stretch ceilings and wall murals make interior design a breeze and that much more affordable too! No need to spend a fortune on traditional finishes when you can have the best at an even more affordable price! With over 20 years of experience, our team is always happy to offer advice, suggestions, and information to help you make the best design decisions. Call us today at 1 (866) 787-5103 and we will help you take interior design to the next level!