Seamless and Stretch Ceiling With Seams Difference

What’s the Difference Between Seamless and Stretch Ceilings with Seams 

Looking for a design element that will make your unique home stand out from the rest? A stretch ceiling could be the perfect solution. Stretch ceilings are specially installed to perfectly fit any space. The finished masterpiece is tailor-fit to match your vision. Seamless or with seams, it’s for you to decide!

Not only do stretch ceilings provide a remarkable look, but they also serve a practical purpose. For instance, they can cover ceiling imperfections and protect rooms from flooding. Their simple maintenance and waterproof nature mean that stretch ceilings add excellent value.

Stretch Ceiling Designs

Stretch ceiling designs elevate the look of any room. From a children’s bedroom to a formal dining room, you can’t go wrong with a high-quality stretch ceiling installation. When choosing a design it is also important to understand the difference between each ceiling material.

AV Style Seamless Stretch Ceiling

Stretch ceiling installations either involve ceiling seams or seamless designs. Regardless, both seamless and ceilings with seams pair perfectly with integrated lighting. Lighting installations work effectively with PVC and stretch fabric to create a magical effect.

What Is a Seamless Stretch Ceiling?

Firstly, seamless stretch ceilings create a sleek look across any space. Without any ceiling seams these elements display a completely smooth surface. Stretch ceiling material can have either a matte or glossy finish.

Furthermore, PVC film material allows for detailed drawings and patterns to come to life. Stitching lines don’t interrupt these designs with seamless stretch ceilings. However, size limits the extent of this design choice. Non-PVC rolls come in different widths, typically at a maximum of 16 feet.

When Do Seams Appear on the Stretch Ceiling?

AV Style Stretch Ceiling Seams Office

Seams may appear on stretch ceilings for functional purposes. When a ceiling design is larger than 16 feet wide, seams are required to cover such a large surface. Seams are also necessary when a stretch ceiling is extended into a separate room or hallway.

Additionally, stretch ceilings with seams allow for multiple color and texture combinations. Structurally, stretch ceilings with seams are also easy to replace and repair without threatening the integrity of the ceiling. However, if poorly installed, ceilings with seams can appear choppy and unsophisticated.

Advantages of Seamless Stretch Ceiling

  • Simple installation.

A benefit of seamless stretch ceilings is that only one cohesive material needs fastening. This makes installation efficient and secure without the hassle of hiding ceiling seam lines.

  • No seam lines across the ceiling design.

You don’t need seam lines with seamless ceiling designs. This makes the finished ceiling design sleek and smooth from every angle.

  • May have a glossy or matte finish.

Any visual effect is possible with the installation of seamless stretch ceilings. Also, it’s possible to bring your vision to life on either PVC or canvas fabric material.

Let AV Style Install Your Dream Stretch Ceiling

Whether seamless or with ceiling seams, AV Style ensures that your stretch ceiling design is installed with integrity! Our team of professional craftsmen guarantees safety and lasting quality with each of our project installations.

Each ceiling installation is unique which is why we expertly handle your vision with care. We promise excellence and efficiency from start to finish. For all your stretch ceiling Canada needs, check out the range of products we offer.