Stretch Ceilings: Refresh Your Interior

If you have never heard of stretch ceilings before, you are definitely in for a treat! When it comes to your ceiling, remember that you can think beyond the ordinary. Sure, stucco and drywall are not without their benefits and simple charm. However, do you really think that’s it for ceilings? This is definitely the point at which you will want to learn more about adding a stretch ceiling. This is a marvelous way to refresh your interior in a bold, dramatic fashion. Best of all, a stretch ceiling is a concept that can work brilliantly in not only personal/residential spaces, but in commercial spaces, as well.

At AV Style, we have worked with rooms of all shapes and sizes. PVC ceilings and Clipso Fabric ceilings are massive, endlessly customizable concepts. Yet at the same time, these products are only just scratching the surface of what you can do to your ceiling.

If you are new to all of this stuff about stretch ceilings, don’t worry. We are going to give you a complete overview of everything a stretch ceiling has to offer. From that point, we can then show you some of the remarkable benefits that await you. Simply put, if you are tired of the same old ceiling, then we have some news that you are going to love.

What Are Stretch Ceilings?

Stylish and customizable in equal measures, a stretch ceiling is a great way to create a distinctive focal point. PVC stretch ceilings are made from PVC materials, which are then inspected by CNC machines. This is done to make certain that the highest standards of quality are being met. Once the standards are respected, the material is stretched out into a sheet of very thin, very powerful vinyl. As you can imagine, there are a lot of different things that can be done with something like this.

Think of the stretch ceiling as the modern approach to ceiling decoration. However, for our money, “decoration” doesn’t sound quite right. We would make the case that a stretch ceiling is ultimately so much more than a mere decoration. Take a look at some past examples of our work. That will give you a clear idea of just how much you can do with this type of ceiling.

Your variety of colours and textures is something worth paying attention to. You aren’t simply limited to a very specific range of choices. With a stretch ceiling, the sky is virtually the limit. In fact, if you want to create a staggering impression of a beautiful, busy sky, a stretch ceiling concept can help. Matte textures, glossy textures, and satin textures are among the most popular possibilities. Stretch ceilings benefit significantly from having tons of customization options. We will cover that in greater detail a little later on.

The process of creating something like a PVC stretch ceiling is straightforward. This is perhaps one of the main reasons why it has such impressive potential as an addition to your space. You can find these ceilings in restaurants, living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, professional spaces, and elsewhere.

Benefits Of Stretch Ceilings

With a good idea of the benefits of stretch ceilings, we can get to some of those amazing benefits:

  • The installation process is astonishingly simple. While this work should be left to the pros, this is still an easier-than-normal installation task. Pre-treatments are not necessary with these types of ceilings. No one has to level, plaster, or prime a single thing.
  • A stretch ceiling also offers a powerful means of protection. These ceilings are not just limited to the visual punch. They can also help to protect your home or place of business from leaks coming in from above.
  • To be sure, the aesthetic appeal of these ceilings is still worth making. Again, look over some examples of what we have offered. You are going to find that the results can be absolutely breathtaking. Of course, that result can be dependent upon making sure you are trusting the best in PVC stretch ceilings.
  • You are in control of that finished result. A big plus with these ceilings is the fact that you can achieve a lot of different, equally wonderful things. There are a lot of unique elements to help you personalize your finished result. Acoustic solutions and 3D shapes/effects are just two of your possibilities. Backlit surfaces are possible, and you can even learn more about adding lighting integration. Multilayer framing is yet another design element that will help you get exactly what you want.
  • The installation process is completely free of mess. When we imagine getting a new ceiling, we imagine a lot of dirt and debris all over the place. This is not the case with a stretch ceiling. The process is extremely simple. It does not leave behind anything in the way of a mess.
  • Masking: A stretch ceiling can be used to mask such imperfections as communication/electrical wires, wall roughness, or wall defects.


By now, it should be easy to see why so many people turn to stretch ceilings. It can all begin with a consultation with AV Style. We can answer any questions you may have.