Stretch Ceiling Services: 5 Fantabulous Reasons to Consider a PVC Ceiling for Your Home

Polyvinyl chloride ceilings have become increasingly popular across Canada in recent times and for several good reasons. It’s surprisingly affordable, reliable, virtually maintenance-free, and comes in umpteen finishes as well as forms. If you’re not sure whether or not to go for stretch ceiling services in Mississauga, here’s a great discussion on the top 5 advantages of installing a PVC ceiling on your home.

Why You Should Opt for Stretch Ceiling Services

Contemporary PVC stretch ceilings consist of a polyvinyl chloride film that extends and secures itself into a purpose-designed, aluminum-made perimeter track placed on a structural or primary ceiling. If you’re planning to remodel your home but running short of time, then a stretch ceiling is the most ideal alternative, so to speak.

Furthermore, even if the structural ceiling in your home has visible joints, developed fissures between slabs, or happens to uneven, a PVC ceiling will appear seamless and even. In addition, it offers an excellent way to conceal your piping and cables.

  • Safe and Reliable

PVC stretch ceilings are water-resistant and help safeguard your rooms from the odds of leaks and flooding. If a leak develops on your structural ceiling, the PVC fabric stretches and accommodates the water. Once the collected water is pumped out, it instantly returns to its original form. The stretch ceiling prevents your room from water damage, thus, sparing you from the hassles of hiring a local contractor to repair the floor.

  • Energy-Efficient

An air gap will always remain between your primary ceiling and the stretch ceiling installed, which, in turn, offers adequate insulation. You can further increase it by equipping the air space with additional acoustic materials.

  • Truly Limitless Printing Choice

One of the greatest reasons why top interior designers are increasingly recommending stretch ceiling services in Mississauga is that it allows you to print anything that you fancy on a PVC sheet. From star-etched skies to magnificent marine life, you can print anything that you may wish on a PVC stretch ceiling.

  • Remarkably Low on Maintenance

Being extremely robust and astoundingly durable, PVC stretch ceilings hardly require any maintenance. These aren’t susceptible to damps or corrosion and are surprisingly easy to clean. Furthermore, PVC ceilings aren’t prone to condensation nor do they chemically react to detergents or any other substances. There’s no issue of cracking, flaking, or peeling, which is pretty much common for standard plastered ceilings.

  • Exceptionally Versatile

PVC stretch ceilings are extremely flexible because of their highly elastic nature. It can be used to accommodate or cover any type of lighting, ventilation system, or alarm. You can also have your stretch ceiling installed in varied forms, such as curves, waves, or arches. Moreover, you’d be spoilt with alternatives as these are widely available in a wide array of colors, patterns, textures, and prints.

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